Thursday, July 12, 2012

Project #13

Within this course we have intertwined many of technologies tools together. We have been assigned multiple projects in which we were instructed to explore the use of what technology has to offer. We have watched other teachers through Skype. Where we watched former classes have a one on one conversation with a teacher all the way in Canada, Mrs. Cassidy. We also were able to receive important documents through Google Docs, this is offered through Google’s services. We received updated documents as a classroom with the click of a button. I have communicated with fellow classmates through the use of Facetime to talk about our Group Projects. At first I was curious if we would really apply all these tools in everyday technology. However as a group we were allowed to receive these Docs so easily and could access them at any given time. As a group during Projects 15 and 16 we also used the collaborative tools to communicate with one another or as a group by using email,blogs, and Facetime. By seeing how much these tools had an effect on this class as well as classrooms around the world I am anxious to see the effects in my High school classroom. Technology has so much more to offer than what was previously mentioned. I know if I continue to explore and expand my Personal Learning Network (PLN) I will have the ability to take full advantage of what technology has to offer. I have also learned that the twenty first century student needs a teacher who can share their passion for techology with them. Students these days are much more technology literate and some are able to operate systems better than the teachers themselves. However it is important to always remember to stay positive and seek encouragement so that you can achieve your goals through the use of these integrative technology tools.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Final Report on PLN

When I first heard the term PLN, I had no idea what the term meant. However through the knowledge I have obtained from EDM310 I am able to define what my PLN is. I have learned about so many different things through EDM310, some of the things I have learned were completely new to me and others were just an enhancement of what I already know. Whether the knowledge is new or old, it has been shared with me for a reason. I have come to realize that technology is vital in any classroom and if a teacher makes the choice to incorporate technology into their curriculum they will reap more benefits than the teacher that does not.
By being asked to follow blogs, create my own, follow others, make podcasts and videos I have not only learned new things but explored and learned on MY OWN. I think this is a teaching style other teachers should adopt. A student will internalize the information and have a sense of self confidence by knowing they are capable of doing things by themselves. I know that I will be an advocate of technology and continue to explore new things on my own so that I can be as up to date as possible for my students sake. I can honestly say that my PLN was not only created in this class, but has also expanded in ways I never would have imagined.
By the encouragement and self responsibility placed on me early on in this class I have learned anything is possible. I am fully capable of creating and editing my own work and being able to share my knowledge with others. I have learned the only way to explore and advance in technology is to share information with others.

C4T #4

Mr. Chamberlain
Mr. Chamberlain has introduced a concept within his blog post I think a lot of teachers would find helpful and need to adopt. He has formerly introduced the Ipad and iTV into his classroom and said the effects were positive, however he still was looking for that extra something. After going to a convention he purchased a Nexus 7 to add with his preexisting classroom technology. He says he hopes to create a Reflective Learning atmosphere for his future students in August.
After reading his blog post, I realized I have heard of this concept multiple times in previous assigned blog posts. His style however is a little different and I like that. He wants to not only use technology but incorporate Journals, not because his students do not have access to computers but because it will enhance their ability to learn reflectively. I like his style, I think it is important that students learn BOTH ways. Each individual student learns different. I think it is important as teachers to fulfill our duties and engage on multiple levels with our students.
Mr. Chamberlain
Mr. Chamberlains most recent blog post expresses his feelings on encouraging students and other bloggers to continue to blog. He says the encouragement commenting brings is very important. I totally agree, although i have not been blogging very long I find it very encouraging to receive feedback. Even if the feedback is just a few encouraging words, it still has the same effect. Mr. Chamberlain also says that through this week one should comment on blogs that we find resourceful. By doing so I think it would increase ones outlook on blogging by realizing that they are making a difference in some ones Personal Learning Network. I have done as Mr. CHamberlain asked and commented on a few other blogs that I have enjoyed following just to see if it would make a difference. I think it is important to encourage fellow teachers and advocates who believe in the enhancement of classrooms through technology. I hope that by encouraging others we can make others see the importance of sharing our knowledge with others.

Through my comment on this blog post, I wanted Mr. Chamberlain to see that his blog posts truly have had an influence on me. By viewing other comments I realized how much his blog had influenced others!

Blog Post #13

This video portrays what it is like to be in a classroom setting that has not adopted technology. These students are sitting in classrooms that are full of 115 students and only 26 percent of what they are learning is relevant to the tools they need in the real world. They also allow the viewer to see that only eighteen percent of their teachers know there name at school and they are $20,000 in debt. I find this so upsetting students around the world are paying for a higher education yet only finding themselves in debt before they even begin to find a job. Not to mention the money being spent on books and other materials that are not being put to use.
By seeing these messages on paper it allowed me to realize how serious this really is. I am not the only one suffering it is a worldwide epidemmic. If teachers and faculty around the world do not adopt technolgy into there classrooms we are all going to suffer. Within the video they said that technology alone can save us. I could not agree more. Technolgy is the door that will lead us to a newfound more effective style of learning in the twenty first century! In my mind people should be spending more time advocating the change, verse worrying about other things that are being shown on the news. Teaching is among one of the hardest occupations, you are responsible for molding minds of hundreds of individuals and get paid next to nothing... so why aren't administrators working to help these struggling teachers.

Miles Webb: Exemplar of Students Work with Video
Miles Webb has truly taken his time with these kids, it shows how much he believes in adding technology into a classroom because he has done this for students that are not even his. When reading and viewing the video at first I was convinced it would be another blog post about technology in the classroom. However this through me for a loop after discovering that the student Carlton was legally blind as well as the video was not rehearsed or planned out. By using the video camera it made a difference for this student. His teacher also wanted to create a Class Page after realizing how much of an impact technology has in the classroom. This was not only a 'Wow' moment for Carlton and his teacher, Miles Webb said this was a wow moment for him and one of the main reasons why he remains so passionate about technology.
Miles Webb's willingness to share his knowledge with others especially those in which he doesn't truly reap the benefits shows the depth of his personality. I would love to continue to read and follow Miles for his resources. I truly found this inspiring.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

As a whole our group is working together great. We have met on multiple occasions and everyone has shown up at or around the time alloted in the lab. We have moved along and are making arrangements to do more work. I expect for our groups project to be an added resource for teachers and students in Alabama and around the world. As a group we have decided for our iBook to be in the style of an Encyclopedia. we are executed to meet almost everyday this week so that we have plenty of time to wrap up our project.

Project #15 SmartBoard Instruction Part 2

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blog Post #12

Secondary Education- English Lesson on Word Choice
1) Please follow the link to The Writing Center "Lesson on Word Choice" read this lesson on Word Choice take notes so that you will have at least one resource for your assignment.
2) Watch the youtube video that can be found at the end of this post, while watching please focus in the emotions of the children, the mother, the old couple, the captain and the people loading the life boats.
3) I will assign you through a Doc provided which perspective you will be writing.
4) Write a Blog Post from the perspective assigned, consider word choice. Write towards the given audience. For example if you are assigned the mother and her kids, write a letter from her addressed to her kids explaining why she decided to lay them down for bed instead of loading the life boats. Or if you are assigned the Captain write a letter to news officials explaining why the ship sank and what precautions you have decided to take.
5) Post this to your blog, enhance your blog post by searching Google images for a photo that relates to the perspective you were assigned!

Blog Post #11

Watching Little Kids with Big Potential I am so amazed at these first graders!!! Who would have thought they would be capable of doing so mucn through the use of technology.They were excited to use their blogs, even more so than writing in their books because students family and friends were able to see their work and comment on their blog posts. They were encouraged to share that they were only to say nice stuff :) I loved that!! They also were allowed the use of webpages during centertime. These webpages allowed the first graders to use different pages and takes them places to learn. They are also allowed to access Wiki so that they may ask questions for help. These students also have shared and made videos with other students. This interaction is important for students to be well rounded in technology as well as being able to see other students and how they live and learn. I loved how they were able to Skype with other students and teachers around the world. Incorporating the Nintendo DS in the classroom I thought would be a hassle. However the students were adament that this allowed them to learn how to share. It also allowed them to be better problem solvers. WAtching this video truly opened my eyes, although I am not teaching this age group, it gave me some form of encouragement that my generaation of students will stil be able to apply all of these technigues. This opens the doors for students to learn from other people and students. Kathy Cassidy has been doing this for ten years she said she has always had an open mind to new technology. The thing that dissapointed me in her interview was that through the ten years of doing this with her students, she has been really the only one other than her tech. cordinator. I wish other people and her fellow teachers would see the importance of this video and the meaning behind it. I loved how our class and school name was tied with this video. This alone should be encouraging for adminitrators world wide. The world is taking for granted what trechnology has to offer, if we do not jump on the bandwagon we are only hurting ourselves and our futures.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I think the significance of the two images symbolizes the fact that the old form of learning is not as stable as 21st century learning. In the first picture the boy says he cost less but breaks more often. This is true in the fact that the old styles may cost less up front however the materials break easier. The second picture symbolizes the fact that we can pay a little more for higher education and materials but the payoff will be greater.

Why were kids playing games?
A common problem addresses within Mr. Spencer's blog post is the fact that students are not being taught vital information in the appropriate ways. Instead of "burping back" and "regurgitating" information teachers need to realize the importance of thoroughly teaching students information from different perspectives. So that they are able to learn in their own style as well as internalize the information because they know more about it that the "right" answer or definition. What are you doing?
I particularly liked this post, he empasis how people see things from different perspectives. One's definition of whats right or wrong is different from each individuals opinion on the topic being assessed. I think having an open mind to others opinions is vital to thrive in society. Not everyone sees things or thinks the same without having an open mind one may shut out something that could be beneficial to them. This post reminded me of a previous C4T I was assigned to. If information is not shared it is lost, if one does not have an open mind to others opinions that information that could have been obtained is also lost.
Don't Teach your kids this stuff please?
Mr. McLeod's blog post summarizes some of the many problems going on in the Education Programs here in the United States. BY reading his blog post he could not be more right! If we as teachers to not realize the importance of the changes being made within education and technologies advancements I fear what our future is going to look like. Will we have jobs? Will there even be a need for us? If students can access all of this information on there own, with out us having to facilitate it within a classroom setting..what is our purpose?! He answers some of these questions and more by addressing the problems at hand within his blog. Like many others we have been assigned to view or read I throughly enjoyed this one. the point!
Scott McLeod, J.D., Ph.D., currently is serving as the Director of Innovation for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa. He is on leave from his position as an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. Dr. McLeod also is the Founding Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE), the nation’s only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators, and was a co-creator of the wildly popular video series, Did You Know? (Shift Happens). He has received numerous national awards for his technology leadership work, including recognitions from the cable industry, Phi Delta Kappa, the National School Boards Association, and the Center for Digital Education. In Spring 2011 he was a Visiting Canterbury Fellow at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Dr. McLeod blogs regularly about technology leadership issues at Dangerously Irrelevant and Education Recoded and occasionally at The Huffington Post. He also just completed his first book, What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

C4T #3

Diane Dahl
Diane Dahl has introduced a new concept, well new to me, BrainSMART. She elaborates on how this tool can enhance classroom productivity through out her blog she posted on June 1,2012. Her outlook on teachers really was heartwarming. She says, "One reason to feel so positive is that a teacher's job has meaning! We have the future of the world sitting in our classrooms every day. How exciting is that! If you model and teach optimism and positivity every day, you will see amazing results flow! Positivity is a powerful contribution to any classroom." Her outlook on teachers truly intrigues me, It made me realize I am where I need to be in life. Within my comment I shared with her how useful her information was. Also how I hoped to enhance my classroom through the use of the tools she has mentioned within her blogpost. I especially liked reading about BrainSMART and learning how it too can change the atmosphere within the classroom. I also enjoyed the fact that she has taken the time to comment back to my fellow classmates and is willing to help in any way.

Post 2
Dianes second post was titled the Plasticity of the Brain: Spread the Word. This post was about allowing students to see that they are the future and and the tremedous pottential they have in changing the world as we know it. I agree with her I think it is very important to take the time to engage emotionally with students so they realize they are the future. When she speaks of spread the word she means as teachers we are responsible for spreading the knowledge to these students in ways that are benefical to them. They need to learn how to use thinking for learning strategies in order to be "the boss of their brain". These strategies have the ability to cross over as life skills as well. I enjoyed reading both of her posts and have made other contacts to her so that I can use her for future reference.

Smart board Project #14

Hannah Albano EDM310 Smart board video

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project #12 Book Trailer

10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle

BlogPost #9

Mr. Joe McClung What I've Learned This Year
Like most videos, blogs, and podcasts that have been assigned to us, I especially found Mr. Joe McClung's blog post over the past three years very helpful. While most teachers talk about their strengths and aspirations Joe shares with us a few of his downfalls and obstacles he has conquered through his first years as being a teacher. His Second year of teaching was a first for many things, he found himself in a larger school with older students teaching a totally different subject than the year before. He shares how he overcame his fears with the transition by realizing that the difference between the two mentalities was simply independence. He simply altered his style to adapt to the older students needs by providing them with moments to display their own independence. When teaching these older students he also realized students were not able to think analytically. This is one of my biggest fears when teaching, I hope that if my students have not internalized this skill it will not be hard for me to teach them how. Having the means to think analytically are very important in school as well as vital for ones future. Joe also shares with us that, "we never need to get too comfortable, change is good and ultimately makes us better teachers." I love this quote, because I know in my future as a new and young teacher I am going to be faced with challenges and my performance will be judged and watched like a hawk. However, if I remember this quote I can show other teachers that change is good and if I want to be the best teacher I can be I am going to have to become more accepting.
Joe also mentions that we must remember who our boss is, while we often teach and direct lessons towards what we think the administrators will view as acceptable, we should not be directing our lessons towards them. Our lessons and responsibilities as a teacher for these students is to center our decision making process around our students and not around pleasing adults. I found this equally encouraging because I know teachers who have not made it to ten year are often ridiculed by administrators and fellow members of their departments. Although if we keep in mind the students are number one and continue to embody the aspects of teaching that I enjoy and not allow others to influence or steer me away from that I will know I am being true to myself. I also noted the importance of allowing students to do their work themselves, especially when incorporating new form of technology into my curriculum. This is a major issue because if we fail to do this students will never fully master the skills, no matter how difficult it is we must resist the urge to take over the key board. I have retained some very useful and encouraging information from Mr. McClung's Blog Post's, even though this class is paperless I found myself printing out all three of his blogposts for my future teaching stash :) He left us with a quote that I found exceptional to new comers of the teaching world, "We can not afford to be passive in education; we need to be willing to be "movers and shakers" and be advocates for the changes that need to happen on our schools." This quote will more than likely find its way into my future classroom because even though we will be new comers we can still make a profound difference in the education world and within our future students.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Post #8

Part 1

Richard Miller : This is how we dream Parts 1&2
Richard Miller communicates with his viewers the changes being made in academy as well as culturally. Communication has changed we can now communicate instantly as well as globally. When teachers or students work and collaborate together they are able to visualize in an instant by producing works with print, images, and film. He works on creating a video for his students during Black History month that has all of these elements combined into one video. By doing this he enhances his students memory and aids in excitement on topics they have previously learned about. By using techniques like this, new works are becoming published to the web where they may live on forever.
Richard Miller shows a presentation created by Jonathan Harris. His stunning visual representation makes the viewer feel the energy that is being put into the whale hunt. Instead of reading through a newsletter or text, students are able to visualize and imagine themselves in the lesson. To create multimedia writing belongs to us as a culture not individually, we need to look and use this information in order to get behind it to produce and distribute new lessons globally and freely. He oversee 12,000 students, that in itself is amazing, however thats not whats most important he works with these students and departments to show the world what the university is for sharing ideas globally and effectively.
I am an English major so I found Richard Millers videos very interesting. I love his outlook on how the web is changing the way we need to write and distribute information to students as well as the world. I feel as though students, teachers, parents, and administrators need to realize the value added to humanities with multimedia. English can be a boring, bothersome subject with the right form of communication and imagination the possibilities for recreation are endless. Richard Miller says , "he foresees a time with digital composition". I could not agree more students already know how to navigate the internet, so multimedia writing will be second nature to them. I feel that students will have an easier time learning this new method than the majority of teachers will.
Part 2
Carly Pugh's EDM310 Class Blog: Blog Post #12
Carly Pugh had a lot of interesting information within this one blog post. Some information I found useful and some I thought was a little over the top. However, I agree with her on the importance of creating visual lessons for students. She hits some of the points Richard Miller has made on the future of writing with multimedia. Being an English major I found a lot of her resources and future lessons helpful in moving in the direction of writing with multimedia. I hope to add a few of her lessons into my future curriculum, like she said, the possibilities wit technology are endless!!
She says within her blog post, "I would love to have an English classroom where students were encouraged to imagine themselves as characters and their own lives as autobiographies or bestsellers and think outside the box about what major plot point could happen next. The assignment I am dying to give my students would be to re-imagine and re-write the ending of a famous story or novel. Think of the possibilities!" I would LOVE to do this in my future classroom, I can not wait! I think my incorporating lessons like this, the atmosphere within ones classroom is going to be like black and white compared to how students have formally been taught.
Part 3
This video focuses and redefines procrastination. Chipper is "that student", the one we all fear in the future. The student with all the excuses as well as the student whose parents are way too involved. By being adamant and communicating with your students on what is expected of them will allow for little confusion on policies and future work. The student, Chipper is constantly complaining and has all of these great ideas. Through out the video one can realize how important it is to stay on track and realize that teachers have your best interest at heart.
This video focuses on two students who are frustrated about the assignments from EDM 310. It also allows the viewer to see all the many ways to make your intelectual journey a success. By following along on these websites and staying on top of assignments will allow for success. When one does not have to procrastinate and rush to finish their work, they can actually enjoy EDM310 and all it has to offer. The information provided allows students and teacher to organize their PLN's for free.
After watching these two videos I want to expand my PLN by creating videos on Literature and lessons that can be incorporated into classrooms by downloading them for free!!
Part 4

As an aspiring teacher, I became somewhat emotional when viewing this video. Realizing that Education was ranked 55 is so upsetting, without school and teaching how will kids be prepared for their future. My controlling students and maintaining a certain order in the classroom is allowing students to enjoy more out of school through technology. The jobs that these kids will have in the future do not comply with vending machine learning. As teachers it is our responsibility to solve this problem and adopt the 21st century form of learning. This quote stood out to me, "every turned off device is a turned off student". This is so true, if students are not allowed access t these devices they have no way to explore and learn new ways of internalizing knowledge. I could not agree more with the arguments being made in this video, the world is changing quickly through technology, if we do not change our way of teaching quickly we may find ourselves with out jobs in the future. Students can learn more in one hour on the internet than they can in a week with the way lessons are being taught now. "IT IS THE DEATH OF EDUCATION, BUT THE DAWN OF LEARNING."
Part 5
I joined Edmodo as a new way to communicate with future students and teachers. I have already added a few items into my library, which was an easy process. If i had students they could view what has been posted in the library for a project, paper, or homework. As an aspiring teacher I hope that by joining this site I can connect with other teachers to learn new ways of teaching and get advice from teachers who share the same passion as I do.
I also explored Animoto for education, this is an ideal tool for creating videos and presentations. Animoto helps teachers to enhance their digital classrooms and bring lessons to life. This wonderful website allows for free membership, this is amazing because it offers so much for a teacher who is trying to expand and enhance their lessons. Through one of the features, Spotlight, one can give specific images added prominence and screen time in videos. Animoto also analyzes music, photos and video clips and orchestrates a custom video leaving you free to focus on the content and narrative of your video. I will definitely be putting this to use!
Animoto= AWESOME

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Personal Learning Network PLN Project #10

Within my PLN one may find the traditional Facebook, Google, and Twitter tiles that most of society uses. However I have also incorporated some tiles that I enjoy doing on my free time which consist of Pandora, Pinterest, and Instagram. I use these Apps on a regular basis and enoy following others through these Apps as well. Since I am a Secondary English Major with an English back ground I have also incorporated a few English tiles, I use Purdue Owl often so I decided it would make a great addition to my network. I have also added a few learning tiles which I want to learn more about. I dont have a bunch of tiles in my PLN yet, however I hope to discover and learn about new techinigues, applications, and developmental products so that I can have a more broad understanding of technology and its quick changes. I found Symbaloo to be user friendly and up to date. It was easy for me to add new tiles to the pre existing tiles that were provided to chose from. The majority of the tiles provided, were ones people use on a daily basis. I found this helpful in creating my PLN.

C4T #2

Post #1
Will Richardson's Blog
Will Richardson's most recent blogpost was about his eleventh year anniversary as a blogger as well as the effect technology has on education. He like many others feel as though teachers are failing to apply the use of technology in classrooms and leaning on what they now. He says within his blog that teachers and schools are still relying on the "delivery of education". Meaning teachers are delivering information to students and asking them to provide them the answers through scantron. Teachers formulate their success in teaching this way by grades and rewards being given to students and the school. One can tell through out reading Will's blog this form of teaching truly irritates him.
Within my comment, I felt Will and I shared a common ground. Through this class alone I have learned how technology can enhance a classroom as well as how students learn within the classroom. As a student aspiring to be a teacher I have seen first hand how teachers expect us to regurgitate information being taught onto a scantron that is submitted to be graded through a machine. This not only allows for one form of learning, it also allows for no feedback. In my mind a teacher must be able to enhance a child's life with knowledge, knowledge in which will be useful not only now but in the future. Teachers need to adopt teaching through technology, so that students are not only learning but they have the means to access their lessons at anytime, learn about subject matter in many ways than just through a textbook, and engage with their responses through alternative forms other than a pen and paper or scantron.
Post #2
Will Richardson touches on Less about Tools and more about thinking in his most recent blog post.He shares his opinions on how teachers are limiting the knowledge for their students, how the lack of formal training is being offset through professional development, and how students are not only going to be the ones to suffer from the decisios at hand. He continues to talk about how students are not being taught the proper tools for reproduction and how teachers are the common factor.
As a student aspiring to be a teacher, I could not agree more with his opinions on this matter. I sit in classrooms where im supposed to be becoming prepared for the real world, however these teachers are still teaching out of books and using paper and pens. Through watching the videos and following other educational leaders I have realized how important it is that I adopt this new form of digital media learning. When sharing this new form of learning when my students I hope to insure my future as a teacher as well as their future success.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Podcast Group Project

Part 1

Part 2

Blogpost #7

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler

Wendy Drexler presents to the viewer, the vision of twenty first century learning and all its demands. While using various tools of technology through connectivism students have the ability to engage in multiple forms of learning, tune-in to podcasts, and search information on multiple sites. The Personal Learning Network is how a students learns information in his or her surrounding environments. The PLN is an informal learning network that consists of the people a learner interacts with and derives knowledge from in a personal learning environment. In a PLN, a person makes a connection with another person with the specific intent that some type of learning will occur because of that connection. Learners create connections and develop a network that contributes to their professional development and knowledge.The learner does not have to know these people personally or ever meet them in person.
This poses a question, Why does the network student even need a teacher? When parents and administration think of adopting the technology to teach students for their futures in the twenty first century, they become frightened. They are so use to books, copies, and teachers standing in front of the classroom, they become threatened at the idea of leaving what they know behind. What would ease their fears is if they had the chance to understand what gains we can achieve through technology, how it would better prepare students, and how there is still just as important for a teacher to be present to share the knowledge, just in a different way.
The twenty first century teacher is still a learning architect, she just displays the information differently. Instead of chalk boards and copies, they have adopted virtual learning with smart boards, podcasts, and blogs. It is the teachers responsibility to maintain a learning network for the future, teach students how to build their own personal networks. This allows students to become much more excited about what they are learning because they are interacted on their own personal level. Teachers and parents need to realize how if we adopted the twenty first century form of learning we would be better preparing our students for their futures in the business world. If they are not equipped with the right knowledge, they will be the ones to fail for our mistakes.

Welcome to my PLE

When watching this video that was created by a seventh grader I am more than impressed. This alone should sway parents, teachers, and administrators to adopt the twenty first century way of learning I dont know what would. She shows her knowledge on technology through her journey on this video. This young girl has been taught well so that she has the ability to navigate and have full use of all that is offered for her on the internet. Her PLE is much like mine however she has a little more knowledge of other educational devices than I do, it makes me happy to know that a teacher has taken the time to enhance these students lives at such a young age. This young girl is prepared for the future, and has been equipped with the basics so when something new is introduced she will have the knowledge to learn the new techniques. It is important to teach our future students, the way this seventh grader has been.

Thomas Saurez’s video is amazing, this is the ultimate proof that technology is taking over. If a twelve year old can recognize the differences among the old way of teaching and teaching with can technology why are grown adults finding the concept so difficult. When asked what did I learn from this video? My response was quick, it is so easy to learn and grasp the fact that a twelve year old boy has shared his knowledge with adults to make them realize that technology is a resource to teachers and they must make good use of it. It is also impressing that this twelve year old is willing to take the money made from the selling of the Apps and give it to Local Education Foundations, this child should be an inspiration to us all, especially teachers. He has paved his way through technology and is willing to share his knowledge with teachers. I think it is fair to say he is well equipped for the twenty first century form of learning.When asked what does this video tell us about how the world of learning is changing? Technology is changing quickly and so is the way children are learning. Children are being exposed to technology so their personal learning enviornment is also changing. Children are no longer reading books and doing puzzles, they are learning through innovation by reading books on Kindles, playing games on Ipads, and following people in Twitter. The quicker teachers and administrators realize this the quicker we can prepare these students for their future. A huge role in learning is teaching, espcially how the informaation is being taught. The styles of learning have already begun to change if teachers dont start teaching differently our jobs will be at stake. How does this video fit in with the others for B.P #7? This video fits in well with the others. All of the videos are proof that technology is taking over quickly and that the age of children learning through technology is starting earlier and earlier. These videos as a whole should make teachers and administrators reevaluate their style of teaching and adopting technology based class rooms.

Monday, June 18, 2012

C4T #1

Comment #1
Andrea Hernandez, the teacher assigned to me, has chosen to share two photos onto her blog. The photos share two quotes, the first of these quotes is "If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it does it make a sound?" and the second quote being "If something is created and not shared does it make a difference?". Within these two quotes I have made an assumption that although we may or may not hear the tree fall, it will eventually die leaving us with one less resource to live. Just as if one was to decide not to share something he or she has created it leaves us with out something that could have made an impact or a difference in our lives. Volatile, effective learning resources are scarce, if one has created something that they feel could make a difference in the way we live and learn it is important that they share it with those willing and eager to take the opportunity to seek new resources.

Comment #2
Although Mrs. Hernandez did not comment on my second post, my feelings reamin the same on her blogpost. Her blogpost was very informative eben though it was more of a visual nature. When one can visualize somehting it is often easier to be desciptive as to what the post means. Although, I did not get any feedback on the nature of my comment, I still feel that her pictures meant that resources are scarce, so we must share them amongst each other. If a resource is not shared, it is unfortunately lose, dead, like the tree in the first picture in her blogpost.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture:Achieving Your Childhood dreams
Randy Pausch says, "We cant help the cards were dealt, It's how we play them. Although I've heard this quote multiple times, the context in which he says it, made me realize how easy it is to get caught up in reality and everyday incidents. However, the context he uses with this text refers to his death and his acceptance of it. Being able to accept one's fate allows them to be more accepting of what life deals them. Often times as children we dream and aspire to be what is being idolized at that time in our lives. As a kid I loved animals, was obsessed with dogs, and aspired to be a veterinarian. However, through experience with my own childhood pets my aspirations became reality and I realized it was not what I wanted to do. A big part of life is experience, Paunch says "Experience is what you get when you do not get what you want."
At first glance Pausch's quote maybe a little confusing, however when explicated I realized it could not be more true. Through life's experiences one may realize you can not always get what you want. It is through these times one has an opportunity to show their true colors by their reaction to what is at stake. I have had many aspirations and dreams in which experience has lead to the altering of my dreams. Although my dreams have been altered, it does not mean I no longer have aspirations, my aspirations have just changed. When starting college I was driven by the occupations not by what they entailed but by the money that could be made within these occupations. I quickly realized the occupation I had chosen, I was not fit for. I then changed my major to Secondary Education, I know in my heart I am where I need to be. Money was not the motive when choosing to become a teacher, it was more of a calling in which I hope to share my knowledge with children. As a child I loved to play school, I also realized as a teenager and young woman I have always felt the need to help someone and share my knowledge of experience with them so that they may feel like their not alone in their feelings.
Although teaching was not what I wanted to do originally I have realized this was my childhood dream all along. It was through life's experiences that made me come to this realization. Often times one does not realize their dreams can not become a reality, but by experience and continuous striving one can reach their dream even if it was not what was intended as a child. One point Pausch failed to make was that some people have more advantages than others, it takes hard work to rise above the hand one has been dealt, but it is not impossible! Pausch, was a child of advantage so it was easier for him to achieve his childhood dreams, this should be fuel to the fire for those who are striving to achieve their dreams. Work hard, strive harder and aim for success!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Post #5

The ischool Initiative In listening to Travis Allen's proposal of the Ischool, I have a few doubts. He argues that by introducing ischool into a public school it will decrease the costs for each student furthermore decrease the entire budget for the school. This would help since most public school budgets are being cut all around the United States. When using the ischool it will eliminate the use of all paper and books, decreasing the work load for teachers. The ischool offers many applications that would help students just as text books do a few of the applications that stood out to me were the graphing and scientific calculator apps, these items together cost well over $200 alone, paying for the cost of one itouch or ipad. The development of ischool, allows for interaction amongst students, teachers and parents. This interaction will open the door for higher expectations and less confusion on lessons and accountability.
I feel that the ischool would be a great way to enhance public schools and the way society views public school education. Often time people feel that if they send their kids to public school they will not be offered the higher standards of education. However with the ischool the possibilities are endless for students. They will have the ability to learn new and innovative techniques, while eliminating their work load and confusion with instant access to their school work and teachers lessons. It will also allow students and teachers to be fully accountable, a student would not have the means to make excuses when they would have instant access to anything they have missed as well as having access to all their assignments and homework deadlines.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'
This video is the ultimate definition of how technology has effected our lives. For one hundred and eighty five people to come together to create this beautiful masterpiece without having met or ever performed together is amazing. After watching this video I sat staring at the screen in amazement, this would never had happened had technology not had such an impact on society. The use of the internet has overcome our society, however in some regard I think that the internet has had a bad influence on society in the ways that they over indulge themselves. After seeing this video the over indulgence has created a masterpiece as well as a turning point in our society.

Teaching in the 21st century By Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts proposes some valid information and answers to many problems being thrown into educators and their students futures. He says that teachers are no longer the source of learning they are the filter. The filter between information and students. It is through this form of filtering a teacher can achieve success. I agree with Roberts, the way society lives is changing quickly, therefore the way we teach and prepare our students needs to change, QUICKLY! Students are learning for college and learning facts, however we need to prepare our students for real life run-ins as well as real life problems. By incorporating blogs, podcasts and experimenting with technology to find what fits best into my curriculum and classroom will allow for further success for my students. Roberts tries to allow the viewer to realize if we don't prepare for the way students are learning now , we will not benefit at all and consequently lose our jobs.

Flipping the Classroom
In watching the videos about FLipping the Classroom, opened my eyes to the way students view and engage learning. Enhancing their minds by incorporating FIZZ- Video lecture series it allows for a more efficient and engaging experience. This video lecture also allows students to view lectures multiple times and creates classroom time outside of the class itself. In allowing students to learn in ways they are familiar with students become more engaged. As a teacher it is important to have an open mind when creating a curriculum that suits the needs of our students as well as their futures. Technology has already made so many changes and will continue to make changes in the style most effective for learning.

Monday, June 11, 2012

My sentence video

Blog Post #4

The Benefits of podcasting in the classroom, By Joe Dale
While reading and watching the videos provided for how to create your own podcast I have obtained some very useful information and techniques. As a new teacher it is important to "one-up" the other teachers in my department. Within these videos I have learned innovative techniques for the application of a podcast within my classroom. Adding a pod cast into my classroom will allow my students as well as parents to have access to lessons that are rich in media and audio. In Joe Dales video The benefits of podcasting in the classroom, I realized podcasts open the door for interaction with my students outside of the classroom as well as having the means to connect with my students on their level. The level in which they are accustomed to, internet, videos, youtube etc.
Judy Scharf Podcast
Judy Scharf also had a number of great teaching tools. She posted a rubric for grading, a schedule for podcasts, tips as well as a website where me and my students would be able to podcast for free. Realizing how easy and not to mention free podcasts are made me more excited to incorporate this into my classroom. Like these teachersI have realized how important it is to engage on a level my students will understand as well as having new and exciting lessons through out the year. Having the means to communicate with my students in and out of the classroom will allow my students to have no excuse for not being able to catch up on missed assignments. I hope to incorporate the podcast into many of my English lessons by allowing my students to create podcasts together for written works and poems that are not very interesting so they will be able to have a more memorable experience.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Post #3

Part #1
When asked to view What is peer editing , the powerpoint on peer editing, as well as the video on the top ten mistakes on peer editing I acquired a lot of useful techniques. Techniques in which I, myself, can use when editing my peers as well as techniques to build my own classroom curriculum. Within the first video it elaborates on three major steps the first being compliments. Remembering to stay positive when providing my peers with advice is vital, it will aid in them becoming more comfortable with me as well as my peers becoming more comfortable with their own writing. This will also aid in creating an atmosphere in my classroom for students who are not confident within their writing skills. When offering suggestions the video and powerpoint talk about providing to your peers ideas on how to make their piece better while focusing on word choice, organization, sentences and topics. If one is not able to provide specific advice on how to make the piece better , there is really no point in peer editing. Without specific instruction and or specific corrections the writer is looking at the piece they wrote assuming it was written correctly. Thirdly the video and powerpoint focus on corrections including punctuation, grammar, sentences, and spelling. It is important to provide your peers with advice on how to grammatically fix their mistakes so in the future they will automatically be focusing on their previous conventions.
The second video was about the top ten mistakes on peer review. The video was made from a child's point of view, but was very informative. They elaborated on being too picky, being too involved with others in the classroom, being rude or mean when giving advice, rushing, and on peers not being willing to take advice. The video used students to portray these mistakes by assigning names like Picky Patty, Whatever William and Defensive Dave. In doing this it allows the viewer to see how easy it is to make these mistakes when peer editing. As a future English teacher I know how important editing is for a students written work, however I feel it is equally important for students ro receive advice from peers their own age that are on their level.
Part #2
A) Technology in Special Education video was very informative, I am majoring in secondary education, so I never have put much emphasis on special education. However after watching this video I have realized that special education is equally important, but the teachers must work even harder to get their students to engage and learn due to their disabilities. With the use of technology in a special education setting a teacher is opening so may doors for their students to learn and engage. Technology has affected the way teachers can communicate with special education students as well as created an environment for these students to feel as though they are like everyone else.
If I were to have a class of special needs students I would do as this teacher has and take full advantage of any form of technology I was provided with. I would use ipods so my students would be able to listen to written work through audio books. I would also use a computer to cross the communication bearer amongst me and that student. As their teacher I would incorporate a smart board or screen so that I could capture their attention as effortlessly as this teacher has. It takes a special person to teach special needs students. This teacher on this video has done an awesome job!
B) Through watching the video on how the Ipad works with academics for autism I was instantly intrigued. My nephew has autism and my aunt has done an incredible job in intervening and educating him in any way possible. As most know children with autism have speach problems, which spills into when they get older they become quickly aggitated because they can not communicate effectively. Watching the little boy play on the Ipad and doing educational Apps made me realize how technology has made such an advancement for special needs children.
When choosing an App, I chose the Conversation Builder, which is designed for children with Autism. It aids in allowing them to build a conversation through imagery and text without becoming agitated. The COnversation Builder App would help students with autism to learn and communicate more effectively in a classroom. Unfortunately autistic kids are placed in a classroom with students who do not have learning disabilities, which causes for more more aggravation for that student. Because they can watch other students interacting with one another and the teacher, however they are not able to. With the Conversation Builder App it would allow these students to not fall through the cracks and allow them to communicate more with their fellow classmates and teacher.
C) Harness your students' digital smarts by Vicki Davis
Vicki Davis a teacher from a rural area in Camilla, GA has changed her students and communities way of learning. She has impacted her students lives in such a way that they would be prepared for their futures outside of their small town. Which to me is one of the upmost responsibilities as a teacher, she is leaving these kids with vital techniques and the smarts to engage and experience with technology. By giving students the means to navigate through technology she is allowing these students to have the experience to soar in their future endeavors. Vicki mentions how paper and pen learning are for some students however, when teaching with technology one can engage with students no matter what their learning type is like. There are multiple ways to reach students through Apps, social networks, blogs, and portals.
Vicki claims some teachers have the outlook that they must have full knowledge of the subject matter they are teaching in order to effectively teach their students. However Vicki says that she introduced terraform to her students and they were the ones teaching her how to do things! As a teacher I feel there is nothing wrong with allowing your students to teach you something, we learn something new everyday, so why not learn something from a student.. These students are learning how to learn though technology, technology is advancing daily sometimes quicker than I can keep up with. It is good to know that teachers around the world are taking the time to introduce technology to their students in hopes to further their success in the future.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogpost #2

1) Did you know? 3.0 -A. John Strange 2012 Version
Karl Firsch originally introduced this video on the advancement and comparison of education and technology. When shown the comparisons within Dr. Strange's video of other countries verse the United States it is discomforting to see how far behind and outnumbered our students are. When seeing the difference in numbers of the progression of India and Chinas education verse the United States it angers me to think that our government even questions our power and the declination of our economy. For power is invested in education, with our being properly educated how can we expect our future leaders to bail us out of the hole our economy is presently in. It is our job as teachers to prepare our students for jobs and their futures, however we can not provide our students with the means to prosper if as their teachers we are not fully educated. As a teacher we need to take full responsibility of seeking the changes of the world around us and incorporate the dynamics of technology into the learning environment.

When asked what my role is in preparing students for jobs in 2022 I had to stop and truly think about this. Although I do not know what the economy or future will be like in 2022, my job as their teacher is to prepare them as best I can with the latest technology so that they will be prepared to learn and distribute materials effectively. Being educated with technologies advancements is essential in opening the doors for students to recognize and be prepared for whatever may be asked of them in College or when they are searching for jobs. Failure to prepare students for their futures in technology will eventually ruin the advancement all together, one can not progress on to the newest and best component without having the means to operate an older version. Although I may not have the means to predict future technology, I feel the best way to prepare is to continually update and educate students on the latest technology we have at this time.

2) Mr. Winkle Wakes by Mathew Needleman
Mr. Winkle an old man wakes after being asleep for one hundred years. He steps out into the world imagining it to be as it once was before. To his dismay he begins to realize NOTHING is the same. There are strange machines everywhere, people communicating face-to-face with people who are across the country, as well as machines doing things that he thought were impossible. He then moves onto the hospital assuming he could find comfort there only to realize the same thing. Technology had taken over the hospital as well with x-ray machines and computers everywhere! Moving onto the school he finds comfort, comfort in the fact that nothing has changed. This makes Mr. Winkle happy that there is no intrusion.
Although Mr. Winkle is happy with the comforting, non changed atmosphere within the school, it really aggravates me. Mostly because seeing how the business world has changed and technology has quickly taken over so may components of peoples daily lives but it is not being incorporated within the most important place, the classroom. The classroom is not only a place to learn math and english, the classroom is supposed to be a portal to students futures. Futures in which they will be asked to manage and operate mainly around the latest technologies. If these students are not prepared to do so, how can we expect them to thrive and prosper. Being a teacher is of the most important jobs, not only because we are teaching students subject matter to enhance there I.Q's but more importantly teaching them how to be an asset to their future company, family and our economy.

3) Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
Robinson claims that schools kill creativity, I cant say I could not agree more. These days schools drown students with information and facts and expect them to regurgitate them onto a scantron. In doing so teachers are not allowing students to truly learn and communicate how they feel about a subject, shutting out any creativity. Teachers expect students to always be right, Robinson mentions how students and kids are frightened to be wrong. This fear also eliminates creativity, if they put there input into a subject and it is not "right" they will become discouraged and eventually stop. Robinson also says all children are born artists and eventually grow out of it because of education. I also agree with Robinson because when students begin school they are placed into a "mold", a mold in which they are to be shaped and learn what is necessary to get them a degree and furthermore a job. However, some students do not learn best in a classroom setting.
Robinson speaks or a little girl whose mom assumes something is wrong with her because she can not sit still, the doctor makes the mom realize its not the child its the setting. I feel as though this happens often instead of teachers and or parents taking the time to help their children develop in a way thats best for them they run to doctors for medicine to make them operate like their "supposed to". Furthermore this is just another way creativity is being shut out. Technology and Demography are two things Robinson says we should focus on more, I feel as a teacher it is important to take the time to learn and teach the latest technology as well as taking the time to see what is going on around the students and their learning environment. In allowing students to be diverse and dynamic will aid in fostering the creativity they are born with and hopefully extend the freedom to become to become more individualistic.

4) Class Disruption
Classroom #1

-Introduction to class was more inviting
-Virtual Tours
-Facebook lessons
-Twitter (exposure to resources)
-Attendance was less detrimental, students had more access to lessons, tests, etc.
-Video Chat
- More interaction and options
Classroom #2
-Introduction was boring and uninviting
-Flip charts
-35 page article within which information was tested
-No interaction other than text

After being introduced to the two classrooms I would rather be in the teachers class who was more inviting and introduced more options within technology. When allowing students to explore and learn through technology it enhances their ability to want to learn. Opening the doors for better grades, participation, and individualism. Classroom number one is also more representative to classes I have taken in college. Although some teachers are set in their ways and find it easier to not take advantage of technology, the ones that have had had a greater impact on what I have learned as well as continued to internalize. When a student is exposed to more than just the text in the classroom it broadens their attention span and opens their mind to new and innovate ways to learn and remember subject matter in the future. The first teacher uses techniques that are more up to date, by using Facebook, twitter and youtube videos to teach lessons he is communicating with his students on their level. In doing this he allows his students to thoroughly enjoy learning by communicating to them with ways in which they are familiar and find exciting. However, in classroom number two the teacher offers little to no excitement for his students. He does not engage with them on a level they are familiar with. By using an easel, flip-chart, and a thirty five page printed article verse a virtual tour or internet resource he disengages his students. Furthermore shutting their brains off toward the majority of things being taught. The objectives being taught within the two classrooms are on two totally different sides of the spectrum, seeing the look on the students faces is an obvious inclination of which mode is best to adopt when engaging with students of this time period.

When planning my future curriculum I hope to have the means to engage and excite my students like the first teacher has. It was obvious which mode students feel most excited about, I feel if a child is excited to learn and come to my class they will learn and internalize more information. Students use Facebook, twitter, and youtube as a means of communication and for fun as a teacher adopting and incorporating these elements into lessons will allow you to connect with your students on the level they are most familiar with. Thankfully I am already familiar with these websites, so incorporating them will be easier for me. However, it will be my duty to further explore new and innovative technology so I can be familiar with what excites my students. Adding technology into a classroom allows for more interaction as well as options. Attendance plays a huge role in the classroom, although if one was to keep all of the options up to date with the curriculum a student would be able to follow along and not miss out on the information being handed out or taught in a classroom. The opportunities are endless in a web enhanced classroom, which is why I hope the school I teach at will provide me and my students with the essential means to have a virtual learning environment.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog Post #1

A bit about me
My name is Hannah Gabrielle Albano, I was born and raised in Mobile, AL by my two wonderful parents Anita and Terry Albano along with my little brother Connor. I am currently engaged to Thomas Waters, we purchased and moved into our own home in 2010. We share our home with our son Cooper ,who was born on August 13,2011 and our Doberman Chance. I am 1/2 Filipino which explains my "different" last name. I come from a LARGE family, my dad was one of seven siblings, then came the twenty two grand children and one great grand child, my son Cooper. My large family is so valuable to me! It has taught me to become the loving, nurturing mother I am today as well as the ingrained in me what it takes to have a thriving family of my own. Although my son was a surprise I could not imagine my life with out him. My world revolves around his every move and at ten months he is moving EVERYWHERE! I have always learned to live my life by the quote "A persons true self is shown when they are able to handle the unexpected". Even though some days are trying to say the least, I am thankful for the life I have been blessed with.

I am an alumni of Baker High School where I graduated from in 2008. I chose to continue my education at The University of South Alabama where I am majoring in Secondary Education with a minor in English. I plan to continue to get my masters in hopes to broaden my chances at finding a job. I would consider my self as having a Type A personality, I am driven, some what OCD, hate change, and sometimes become agitated quickly. Continuing my education has taught me how to deal with my personality as well as others who have different expectations than I do. Although my major is trying sometimes I thoroughly believe I am where I should be in life. Becoming a teacher was a dream of mine as a child, a dream with which I am working to make a reality!